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“We are not able to look at what is in front of us, unless it is inside a frame”


The Bicycle at the Door

The bicycle is at the door
You have come to visit
Please come in
Next to you I will sit
I will make a cup of tea
We can talk about soft sand and the blue sea
So many dreams we had
Then you departed, how sad
The last I saw you I was twenty three
We laughed and joked under the baobab tree
If only I could change history
What could have been remains a mystery
What made you visit me?
I am now seventy three
Still, come in
I feel like twenty three
Have you come to take me?
By Amaljan

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Look at your formation
Look at your brilliance
It is dark but you show your resilience
The colours you cast hold me captive
The light you shine makes the water alive and active
Every day you show your face
Everyday I feel your grace
By Amaljan

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