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A few things about Brunei

Brunei. So here’s the scoop on questions many of you asked. Alcohol forbidden here. But. If you are a non Muslim you can drive across the border to Malaysia (also partly on shared island of Borneo) and pick up 2 liters every 48 hours so long as consumed privately. Cigarettes not sold here. You can also bring them in but tax is prohibitive. Legally no one allowed to smoke up to 6 meters from a building. The hotel however has ashtrays in every single balcony. The hotel: bit over the top, acres of gardens, 3 cinemas, you name it. Owned by the King. Several buggy drivers are women, unusual anywhere else. Signs saying beware of monkeys since they can get aggressive. Not seen a single one. Little island across is said to be filled with snakes. No plans to visit to verify this. Btw. Immigration was 20 seconds luggage arrived in 2 minutes. All highly efficient.