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Andorra. Alluring. The approach was an enticing foreplay with mist and clouds on mountains, rivers, winding roads, little villages with farmers markets and church bells, quaint is not the right word, it is just an ordinary Sunday morning in the countryside.   
Andorra is a small country with 85,000 people, capital nested in mountains at about 1,000 meters, a shoppers paradise. Breathtakingly beautiful, has all the elements. River, bridges, mountains, no wonder 10 million people come through here each year.

Now here’s a fascinating fact. It is known as a principality as it is a monarchy headed by two co princes (no not gay). One of them is the President of France and the other a Bishop in Spain. Not a member of the EU but Euro is the currency. Catalan but French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken as well. Highest life expectancy in the world. They must have a secret sauce we need to get.   

Lovely lovely place.