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Cayman Islands: Beautiful Beaches, Warm Water and White Sand

So this tax haven otherwise called “endless summer”, is home to 65,000 people, of whom 35,000 are expats, 120 nationalities. There are 680 banks, about 1 for 100 people locally and you can fill in the blanks. 5-6 cruise liners a day in high season visit this 22 by 8 miles island. Notable is James House, a historical house where in 1835 the slave trade was announced abolished. Now Mahogany and Gemstone. Hurricane Ivan in 2004 destroyed the island but now restored with million dollar homes on the beach, many designed by Italians. Today the island is one of the richest and most expensive in the world. Crime rate low, prison not crowded and air-conditioned, menu choices for inmates. Beaches beautiful, warm water and white sand. P.S. Tree is natural colours.