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Curaçao: Snorkeling, History and Such Warm People

Curaçao. Where do I begin? Let’s start with Jurandy Regina who was instrumental in organizing the Pride Parade here, 700 people, inspiring speech from the Prime Minister, floating bridge with Rainbow flags. I asked him what motivated him and he said: “Everyone went to Europe to come out and I wanted to be right here…”. Now the marketing and sales leader for the Hotel which hosted the pride cocktail he stands proud. You now know where to stay when you visit Curaçao.

The country became “autonomous” 7 years ago but the Dutch influences remain. Day started with a cruise ship right in front of my balcony:). Loved touring the island, fascinated by the bridge which floats to open up for ships coming in and transports people across the water. Loved the barges which come from Venezuela with fruits and vegetables and that is your floating market. Loved all the UNESCO preserved buildings, architecture preserved, history revived. Visited the plantation houses, reminded of the sad past.

All in all, Curaçao is an island of 160,000 people which has something for all. Snorkeling, history and such warm people. They are taught at least 3 languages at school, amazed at how well English is spoken. The dialect spoken here is not Creole but a unique mix of many European languages. Love this island, a touch of Suriname and Bonaire, best of all worlds. Thanks to Warren Brown for intro to Jurandy. #onetribe