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Honoured to present my book at the Canadian Consulate in Bombay

Honoured. Presented my book and travel insights today at the Canadian Consulate in Bombay. Emotional and wonderful event – both my Canadian and Indian identities intersect. A part of Mumbai Pride events. Special. Big thanks to the Consulate (despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit in early Feb and busy schedules) and Solaris Pictures. The Consular General spoke about Canada’s values and about its diversity. Jayita Phulsunge. Sridhar Rangayan Saagar Gupta. Deepak Kashyap an amazing interviewer. Heartfelt gratitude to all who came and made the event come to life. Loved it. Bipin Tanna, Pallav Patankar, Sopan Emm, Cleston D’Costa, Kala Ramnathan, Padma Iyer, Devesh Khatu, Balachandran Ramiah and Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal. It is late so if I forgot to tag you please forgive.