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La Paz.  Reflections. 

Saturday evening and from my 12th floor window I can see the urban skyline, the red brick houses on the mountain to the left and the rugged cliffs on the mountains to the right. The winter sky is clear, the sun is brilliant and above the hum of the cars I can hears the dogs bark.

Occurs to me that the topography of La Paz is a perfect setting for an imaginary 1548 toy town. At night, glittering lights on the mountains just sparkle, no rhyme, no ask, just an invitation to play. The winding roads up and down the mountains are ideal for an electric train station setting. The public metro system is made of cable cars, imagine going to work with a panoramic view:). Yes, wheelchair accessible. Then there’s the airport, perched right on top of La Paz, “birds” flying. My boutique hotel is two floors placed between offices floors in an office building. Playing “house”. Then there are the snow capped mountains, a bedtime fairy tale.  

Spent the bulk of the day visiting Tiwanaku, an ancient set of temples, ruins. Pre Inca. Always strikes me how incredibly advanced these civilizations were, understanding of geometry, science, and yet so rich in their rituals and worship practices. No accidents, just measured architecture. Intention.  

Btw, quinoa has always been very popular with the indigenous people here and only recently accepted broadly in Bolivia, and of course abroad, yet again evidence that we often underestimate the wisdom of our ancestors. 

Bolivia has been full of surprise and recommend a visit here.