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Meet Michal, my new young friend, Miroslaw Andziak’s precocious son. He skipped school to come meet me for breakfast but let’s not tell the teacher that?.

Countries travelled: 29. Favorite country: Cape Verde. Country he must travel to? Tuvalu. Why? He did a presentation at school on this South Pacific Island and is afraid it may sink. He must go urgently. Country he is afraid of traveling to: Syria.

Questions he asked:

1. Is Djibouti dangerous? I said no.

2. Are there pirates around Comoros? I said perhaps north of there.

3. Was Somaliland a separate country? I said no, even though they would like to be.

4. Is Fiji expensive?

5. Had I travelled to every country in Europe? I said yes.

6. Was his book inscription really the first one I signed in Poland? I said yes.

7. Which was the first country I travelled to outside my country of birth? Kenya.

8. What was my next country? British New Caledonia I said.

He seemed satisfied.

He asked to see the map of my travels and immediately spotted Algeria was not there. I said I would double check.

He was curious about Transnistria but said it was not high on his priority list. Why? Because Moldavia was “so so”.

His favorite Marriott: Belgrade.

He does count Vatican as a separate country.

Ditto Palestine, he has been there.

He invited me to speak to his classmates at school when I visit next October. I told him it was a deal if he would be my host.

My most inspiring one hour in Poland.

Thanks Mirek, what a treat!!!!!!