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Montevideo and Punta del Este 

What’s not to like? Montevideo boasts 22 km of waterfront, 5,000 acres of park, 420,000 trees – half on the streets, all available to 1.3 million people, a really beautiful city, great vibe. Coastline reminded me both of Beirut and Bombay. Elegant new and old granite and marble buildings.  

Buenos Aires influence visible, everywhere! I am not a house person (I like condos), but what I see here is so different, unique and lively, just fell in lust. Then went to Punta del Este, the equivalent of the “riviera” for the locals and a summer destination for the rich Brazilians and Argentinians. Waterfront lined with luxury condos. Exclusive area called Beverly Hills, lined by Gourmet Boulevard filled with French restaurants. Homes here not numbered, they have names. Punta also home to the famous “hand” sculpture. All in all, a wow day. And oh! I have developed a new practice. The complimentary gifts I get (this time wine from the tourist agency and champagne from the hotel), I regift to the staff. Cheers to that! The little things that give us joy….