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Mert Eduardo, he manages several bars in Asunción, including the rooftop one we are at. Perfect toast to an amazing day here in Paraguay. First things first. The bill shown speaks to the fact that this is the only country in South America that has Guarani, an indigenous people, language on its currency. Two national languages along with Spanish. People, language, currency, in one name. Mandated along with Spanish. Asunción is a modern city, clean, perhaps cleaner than Toronto streets, at least in part. Spent bulk of day in the countryside. Visited the basalt hill (formation usually underground), then an old 18th century Franciscan church, simple elegant beautiful, then a village called Paraguari , where 200 African slaves were brought way back when, their memory remains. Silence. Then the Pirayu train station, a 1920 railway station with no trains anymore, and after that the Caacupe basilica, where 250,000 people gather on Dec 8th to observe the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Lastly, San Bernardino at the Lake Ypacarai, a German town, once a honeymoon spot. Last last thing. Got charged 150 USD to enter Paraguay. Asked. Found out Paraguans need to pay 200 USD to enter Canada, along with courier fees, and if visa gets declined, money gone. Ouch! Anyway, on a lighter note, really glad I came here, corrected so many misconceptions I had of Paraguay. I would come back, if nothing else, just for the people.