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Transnistria. So they have their own currency, banks, president, parliament, and everything which would appear like a country. Passport control, security checks, military, and Russian peace officers. They are half a million in population (larger than Iceland), and the capital Tiraspol has about a 100,000 people, more than the country Seychelles. In size they are larger than many resort islands. The citadel in the pics is from 1538 built by Suleiman the Magnificent. So this land has a long history. For 25 years now they claim they are independent. They can claim Russian or Romanian passports pending eligibility. Their currency not accepted outside. In Moldavia they speak of them as the country which does not exist, a view which seems to reflect the position of the United Nations. So are they a country? P.S. The last four pics are from Chisinau during my walk yesterday.