Travel Journals

Uzbekistan am I really here?

A beautiful lift off in Bishkek, snow capped mountains as backdrop to the green on the ground. Landed in Tashkent at 6.45 am. The capital, 4 million people plus, very green, lots of money visibly being spent to bring it to current standards. Uzbekistan has 32 million people, 23 praying Muslims (Russia has 21) 4000 ancient monuments and upwards of 2100 mosques. Filled with mosques mausoleums and madrasahs galore. Looks east acts west. Everyone in western clothing, yet a distinct Islamic identity to the country. In the morning in Tashkent we were a stones throw to Almaty and then flew across the country and now a stones throw to Turkmenistan. The bazaar was alive and kicking, never seen so much affordable fresh fruit in one place! All organic. Day one. Tres cool.